• Greg Morgan

Exercise Doesn't Have to be Boring

As we get ready for the coming winter, it's a great time to ingrain new health and lifestyle habits. Contrary to popular belief, exercise doesn't have to be boring. From yoga classes in front of the TV to ocean swimming and beyond, fun fitness activities help you to get off the couch and live a more productive lifestyle. Let's take a look at some novel ways to get fit in 2021, after all, fitness is so much easier when it's fun.

Adventure activities in the great outdoors are a great way to get fit, but they can also be intimidating. If you want to start a little slower, there are lots of fun fitness ideas you can enjoy much closer to home. The global pandemic and great lockdown of 2020 led to a sharp rise in fitness apps and online classes, which means you don't even have to leave the house. From 80s inspired aerobics routines to relaxing yoga classes and hardcore workouts, it's never been easier to get fit in front of your TV.

You don't even have to focus on fitness itself, with dance classes, martial arts, and TikTok routines all likely to raise your pulse. If you love to cycle but want to avoid the cold and busy streets, indoor cycling apps may be the solution. From turbo trainers on your existing bike to direct-drive smart trainers and internal bikes, you can ride in front of your TV and use an app to discover European roads, explore virtual worlds, or even follow the Tour de France.

If you want to get outside, there are so many things you can do to make fitness more exciting. Gardening can be a great source of fitness, with bending and stretching a great way to improve your flexibility. While it's never going to be a challenging form of cardio, digging, weeding, and planting can be great for your strength and functional movement. Unlike dedicated forms of exercise, gardening has a practical purpose and requires constant attention. If you struggle to stay active on a daily basis, gardening and other habitual activities can be a great solution.

If you want to be more social and get fit along the way, group classes are a great place to start. You don't have to visit the gym in order to get fit, you could also visit a dance studio, join a skipping class, or even play some Quidditch. The Victorian Quidditch Association caters to Harry Potter lovers, with this full-contact sport featuring balls, broomsticks, and optional flying. For other fun group activities, how about trampolining, rollerskating, cheerleading, or pole dancing.

When you're ready for some real fun, getting out in the elements can be an amazing experience. Developing a new adventure hobby can help you to get more active and develop a new lifestyle along the way. What you choose to do will depend greatly on your location and current fitness levels, with possible options including surfing, ocean swimming, kiteboarding, orienteering, stair climbing, or good old fashioned hiking. When it comes to fitness options, the sky is truly the limit, with less formal and more fun-filled activities often leading to more consistent results.

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